Why Say Yes to Yogurt?

MiniStore Savanna Doan
Tháng 1 09, 2017

Picture the dairy aisle at your local grocery store. Traditionally, this would have been filled with an abundance of butter, cottage cheese and a small selection of yogurt. However, lately an influx of new yogurt products have started to dominate the shelves.

When you learn about to the vast amount of health benefits yogurt has to offer, it’s no wonder this creamy favorite is starting to take command of the dairy arena.

What is Yogurt?
Simply put, yogurt is fermented milk. Doesn’t sound very appealing when I put it that way, eh? Despite its unusual origins, I think yogurt tastes pretty great.

Yogurt’s thick creamy texture and tangy flavor are actually a result of colonies of “good” bacteria introduced during production. These bacteria digest the carbohydrates in the milk and produce lactic acid. This in turn causes the milk to gel.

It’s hard to believe, but the origins of yogurt trace back as far as 5000BC! It was used both for its health benefits and pleasant taste across Europe and the

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